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  See Foreword by Chief of Air Staff of the Royal Danish Air Force, Major General Anders Rex received on 20 FEB 2018. (Organisation changed now.)
The Ellehammer Challenge Cup from The Danish Aviation Writers' Club. Presentation of The Ellehammer Challenge Cup for 2018. Cup. Plane.
Randers Amtsavis
with Ellehammerprisen til Anders Straarup 30 NOV 2018. The full text with links. The same article in Viborg Stifts Folkeblad. 1906 Replica.
The website AirmenDK www.airmen.dk has been under construction since August 2007. There is always more to do. It includes Allied airmen buried in Denmark or
shot down over DK or Danish waters 1939-45. If one airman is known all of the crew is included. 463 planes and 3,089 airmen are many! Anders Bjørnvad wrote his
book Faldne Allierede flyvere - Fallen Allied Airmen with FAF Summary - unfortunately with inaccurate numbers. See Airmen 1946 * Planes and missions *
Types of planes * Search form for the database.
The work was supported by the Resistance Museum's Friend's Fund. In 2014 it was settled that after my death
the National Museum of Denmark will preserve www.airmen.dk and public access to the website.
See Niels-Birger Danielsen: The Occupation is the El Dorado of amateur historians, original pdf JP 18 MAR 2016 and
77 Squadron Links with NICKEL 60, DEC 2017: 7 Planes and 49 Aircrew from 77 Squadron, p23-24*25. See also About the Shell House Attack, VHT MAR 2020.
See also in Danish with photos the article in Flyvehistorisk Tidsskrift 4/2017 s.18-19 and the translation (of Danish Aviation Historical Review 4/2017 p. 18-19).
Two pages in Danish but with photos PROPEL-2019-5-p5+6 from The Association of former Soldiers of the Royal Danish Air Force. See the TRANSLATION.

The fallen airmen are not an anonymous group. They were men, often very young, who lost their lives in the war of their time. We have every reason to be grateful for
what they did. The aim of this website is to preserve their names, what their loved ones felt by the loss of their airman and what Danes felt by experiencing the war at
close range.
See p262 LAN, Avne*p083 STI, Galsklint*p216 LAN, Stadil*p237 B17, Alstrup - and a case of uninterrupted contact between relatives of airmen and a
Danish family in
Aastruplund. See also Smith - photos, Markowicz, Visit 2004. Stettin April 1943. B-17. Mosquito. Lancaster. Police. Vicars. Doctors. Women.
On 19 NOV 1939 the first airman was buried in Denmark in Klitmøller. On 5 MAY 1945 a B-24 was shot down by U-534! The last airman was shot down on 9 MAY!

It was a pleasure to meet 2 Mosquito-airmen in 2011 66 years after their crash in Denmark! In January 2011 people in Korsør were occupied with HAL DT628, see
the Korsør Posten. In May it was decided that the airmen were to have new headstones - inevitably cancelled later! See
Press + Halskov Halifax/Lancaster.
On 21 April 2013 relatives from NZ and UK visited the Memorial stone to
STI BF506. On 25 May 2013 we unveiled a Memorial in Grønhøj to the crew of LAN R5679.

See Schrenk+Video, Clay and de Mars, USAAF,Powell,
Tunstall and Martin RAF, McGregor, RNZAF, Hicks and Clerc, RCAF.Perkins and A mother lost her son,RAF.
This is about people! See inscriptions on a number of headstones:
Orritt: In memory of Ralph, our beloved only son and his comrades. Each day a memory.
See the German attitude to burials in
Tønder, Fårevejle, Dejbjerg and Mårum! See 3 burials in Vadum. Danes tended graves in Marstal and Karlslunde. Bispebjerg.
See Monuments to crews. Planes ready now has details about all planes! Google gives more.
It is obvious to include surviving airmen. Some became POWs like
Philson in 1941.See German POW-Camps. Others maybe reached Sweden. Webster nearly made it to Sweden. Donald V. Smith got there! Miecznik, Murphy,
Wasik, Murray, Flower, 4, Fry, 3 pilots and crews from Bornholm and Stevns got help! See Halfdan Rasmussen and 2 airmen.

Nearly all airmen and planes described in books by Anders Bjørnvad and in Airwar over Denmark by Søren C. Flensted are included in www.airmen.dk.
Their extensive works are quoted or retold with their permission and indication of sources. See also Sources. There are photos of all gravestones, plots and memorials.
Søren C. Flensted has already collected photos of airmen and planes in
Airwar over Denmark. However, in SEP 2011 he blocked access from www.airmen.dk!
Carsten Petersen, the author of an impressing series of books about The Air war, wrote to me on 6 April 2013: "Quite OK that you use information from my books."

1944 was the most decisive year for me during the war 1939-45. I was born that year. A teacher in 1966, an officer of the reserve in the field artillery 1968, a teacher
and a guidance counsellor till 2006. From August 2007 I have used all of my background in the work with AirmenDK. Many people are positive - see Video from
A teacher went into the forest at Aarestrup to carve the names of a full crew. EH made 47 names in cross stitch for St Clement Danes. I make this website.
Everyone may link to www.airmen.dk and single pages. I have delivered a number of speeches about Allied airmen shot down over Denmark, I can do it again.2018.
MAP OF DENMARK MARKED WITH FALLEN AIRMEN by Asger Westh in Jyllands-Posten Tuesday 2 September 2008 and
The Memories of the Air War over Denmark Return by Jens Ejsing in Berlingske Tidende Monday 29 September 2008, both translated by KK.
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