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13 DEC 2015: On 9 December 2015 Finn Rasmussen of &RASMUSSEN moved AirmenDK to a new platform with a database in MySQL and with Microsoft   Expression Web 4 to edit the website on an Apache server. Latest edition of Internet Explorer. A new and very fine Search form for the database was added based on my wishes and his expert knowledge. Clickable maps and Tables with lists work as up to now. 31 MAR 2019: AirmenDK OK with Windows10 and Internet Explorer 11,
now replaced with Edge. On 26 OCT 2021 AirmenDK had a size of about 2 GB with 11,354 files.

23 SEP 2011: There was a long way from the idea of a website and to the present stage! Finn Rasmussen from &RASMUSSEN, host of, gave fine technical assistance and help to get started. Without him nothing would have happened.

You can easily switch between overview and details in a database. You can see all of the crew of a plane even if they rest in different cemeteries, and you can see all in
the same cemetery. There are 12 search criterias to be mixed at will. Clickable maps of cemeteries, USAAF-airmen and planes are useful.

The database was made in Access 2003 and the website in FrontPage 2002, Internet Explorer 7, screen 1024 x 768, print horizontally, landscape. Frame 982 pixels.
The Lancaster-button was from a photo
from Flightline UK and the flags to indicate languages are from Hotel Randers.

Anders Bjørnvad approved of my plan and mentioned Søren C. Flensted, Airwar over Denmark - (AOD). Søren C. Flensted accepted my plan, and then it was
possible to move on!
However, in SEP 2011 he has blocked access from! Visitors on my website then have to search his website via Google!
A contact to a person with knowledge of airmen very often gives at least a couple of suggestions of other persons who may have useful information.
See Arne Mosgaard and Sources. Ole Rønnest gave exact positions of planes crashed at Aalborg and permission to quote "The Doomed Squadron".
Frank Weber sent "Western Allied Air Raids in Denmark during the Second World War" in 2 volumes!

Ove Hermansen translated a poem by Paul H. Scott  from the Runnymede Memorial into Danish, and Aage Hill-Madsen translated into English the story of Wasik, who
was helped to Sweden. From 18 November 2008 Kirsten Klitgård (KK) has translated a number of texts and she is untiring in the extensive work of reading my texts in English to ensure that readers can concentrate on the contents.

If nothing else is indicated I have taken the photos. Fortunately, via M.F. Jørgensen and Carsten Jørgensen Hans Andersen has made his great collection of photos of memorials available to . He had not been to Bornholm, but Birger Bendtsen from Pedersker sent photos from there. Knud Riis has delivered photos from Esbjerg and 10 other cemeteries! Mogens Jeppesen had fine photos from Aabenraa. Jørgen Toft sent some from Stenbjerg and from islands came this: Else Hjort Nielsen sent photos from Drejø and Skarø, Ebbe Bork from Avernakø, Helene Hennings from Anholt, Ib Walbum from Omø, Eli V. Nielsen from Sejerø and Solvejg Lei from Aarø. The collection of photos of headstones and gravestones was complete by 12. august 2008! Peter Forrester sent photos from Stadil. The list of photographers is short enough to be brought here.

On 5 May 2008 two more monuments at crash sites were unveiled to WEL BK368 and LAN ND675. After that I went to Zealand and Lolland-Falster with my camera.
It was a pleasure to visit Anders Bjørnvad and later Helge W. Gram. Both of them have written about allied airmen in Denmark. Each of them gave me useful information
and books! Unfortunately Helge W. Gram passed away in 2009 and Anders Bjørnvad died in July 2011.

After 11½ years with it is obvious the work will be lifelong! There is always more to do! You are welcome to spread the news of
Allied Airmen in Denmark
at or the shorter name AirmenDK  and link to it! You may also help to improve the contents in a number of ways.

Contact Anders Baadsgaard Straarup  /
Karetmagervej 25, DK-8920 Randers NV, DENMARK   See Linksbuketten - A Bunch of Links.