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L. N. Flower DFC i 1947 på RAF Cranfield. I 1995 får han et glas med Gunnar Langberg, gift med
Annie Langberg (Information) hos fru Gertrud Pedersen og Carl Pedersen, der også var i Modstandsbevægelsen.
Se Pia Fris Laneth: Danske kvinder i modstandsbevægelsen med Filmklip fra afsnit 2 med bl.a. AL og GP.
Meget mere om Annie og Gunnar Langberg. Se En modstandskvinde fortæller af Gertrud Pedersen.

L. N. Flower DFC in 1947 at RAF Cranfield. In May 1995 he has a drink with Gunnar Langberg, who worked for the Military Intelligence during the war,
while his wife Annie Langberg (see photo) was a colleague of Mrs. Gertrud Pedersen. Here they visit her and her husband Carl, also in the Resistance once.
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Royal Air Forces Escaping Society and RAFES citation.