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L. N. Flower DFC i 1947 på RAF Cranfield. I 1995 får han et glas med Gunnar Langberg, gift med
Annie Langberg (Information) hos fru Gertrud Pedersen og Carl Pedersen, der også var i Modstandsbevægelsen.
Se Pia Fris Laneth: Danske kvinder i modstandsbevægelsen med Filmklip fra afsnit 2 med bl.a. AL og GP.
Se En modstandskvinde fortæller af Gertrud Pedersen.

L. N. Flower DFC in 1947 at RAF Cranfield. In May 1995 he has a drink with Gunnar Langberg, who worked for the Military Intelligence during the war,
while his wife Annie Langberg (see photo) was a colleague of Mrs. Gertrud Pedersen. Here they visit her and her husband Carl, also in the Resistance once.
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Royal Air Forces Escaping Society and RAFES citation.