Halifax                                                                                                     Updated: 14 JAN 2021

Alle 69 HAL Handley Page Halifax i Flytyper. Se Print.

All 69 HAL Handley Page Halifaxs on Planetypes.  See Print.

P_link Plane Force Sqdn Operation Crash_d Crash_site Mon Year
p085.htm HAL BB200 RAF 078 Bomb G d200642 The North Sea No y1000
p095.htm HAL W1016 RAF 078 Bomb G d100842 The North Sea No y1000
p097.htm HAL W1233 RAF 078 Bomb G d110842 The North Sea No y1000
p102.htm HAL W1226 RAF 035 Bomb G d190842 Near Sønderborg No y1000
p112.htm HAL W1274 RCAF 405 Bomb G d240942 Ellesø Mose Yes y2006
p116.htm HAL DT520 RAF 010 Bomb G d011042 Sea off Langeland No y1000
p124.htm HAL W7924 RAF 102 Bomb G d061242 The North Sea No y1000
p130.htm HAL W7751 RAF 158 Minelaying d090143 At Bryndum No y1000
p131.htm HAL W7886 RAF 035 Bomb G d170143 Near Sdr.Stenderup Yes y1995
p143.htm HAL DT620 RAF 138 SOE to PL d140343 Off Store Heddinge Yes y2010
p145.htm HAL JB842 RAF 077 Bomb G d300343 The Fehmarn Belt No y1000
p149.htm HAL JB930 RAF 010 Bomb G d200443 Near Esbjerg No y1000
p152.htm HAL DT628 RAF 051 Bomb G d210443 Lost without trace No y1000
p155.htm HAL DT747 RAF 102 Bomb G d210443 Hjertingvej, Esbjerg No y1000
p158.htm HAL HR722 RAF 158 Bomb G d210443 OffDrøsselbjergKlint No y1000
p159.htm HAL HR712 RAF 102 Bomb G d210443 Slipshavn,Storebælt No y1000
p164.htm HAL HR714 RAF 077 Bomb G d210443 Sea off Mandø No y1000
p168.htm HAL JB918 RAF 102 Bomb G d270443 NorthSea,offHolland No y1000
p188.htm HAL HR940 RAF 051 Bomb G d250743 Kær Hestehave Yes y1949
p211.htm HAL DK261 RCAF 434 Bomb G d240843 Off Mandø No y1000
p220.htm HAL HR666 RAF 138 SOE to PL d140943 Storebælt offSprogø No y1000
p221.htm HAL JD269 RAF 138 SOE to PL d140943 N of Esbjerg No y1000
p222.htm HAL JD156 RAF 138 SOE to PL d160943 Off Norsminde No y1000
p223.htm HAL BB309 RAF 138 SOE to PL d170943 Slaglille Mark Yes y1970
p225.htm HAL LK648 RCAF 434 Bomb G d280943 The North Sea No y1000
p230.htm HAL LW287 RAF 051 Minelaying d031043 Off Bornholm No y1000
p247.htm HAL BB378 RAF 138 Drop in DK d111243 Near Ugerløse No y1000
p256.htm HAL HX294 RAAF 466 Bomb G d290144 Langelandsbælt No y1000
p257.htm HAL JD273 RAF 010 Bomb G d290144 Near Kliplev No y1000
p259.htm HAL JD456 RCAF 419 Bomb G d150244 Sea S of Langeland No y1000
p260.htm HAL LW341 RAF 077 Bomb G d160244 The Baltic Sea No y1000
p264.htm HAL HX348 RAF 158 Bomb G d150244 At Trappe No y1000
p275.htm HAL LK705 RCAF 431 Minelaying d260244 Klelund Plantage Yes y1947
p299.htm HAL JP202 RCAF 419 Minelaying d190444 Sea offNymindegab No y1000
p302.htm HAL LL235 RAF 077 Minelaying d230444 Sea off TranerOdde Yes y2005
p304.htm HAL HX151 RAF 102 Minelaying d240444 Sea E of Omø No y1000
p305.htm HAL LW270 RAF 077 Minelaying d240444 Near Hjelm, Lolland No y1000
p310r.htm HAL LL192 RAF 138 Drop in DK d080544 The Skagerrak Yes y1990
p335.htm HAL LK845 RCAF 431 Bomb G d290744 The Baltic Sea No y1000
p338.htm HAL MZ808 RCAF 433 Minelaying d160844 Near Langøre, Fyn Yes y1950
p340.htm HAL MZ899 RCAF 433 Minelaying d170844 SW of Langeland No y1000
p342.htm HAL MZ863 RCAF 433 Minelaying d170844 SeaW ofLangeland No y1000
p373.htm HAL NP719 RCAF 432 Bomb G d160944 At Nørreskoven,Als Yes y1944
p374.htm HAL MZ915 RAAF 466 Bomb G d160944 At Nørreskoven,Als Yes y1944
p381.htm HAL MZ901 RCAF 424 Minelaying d151044 Near Idom Yes y1945
p383.htm HALMZ826 RAF 010 Minelaying d151044 Nørre Halne No y1000
p385.htm HAL MZ805 RCAF 424 Minelaying d120145 Sea E of Langeland No y1000
p386.htm HAL NP947 RCAF 424 Minelaying d120145 Flensborg Fjord No y1000
p388.htm HAL MZ812 RAF 077 Minelaying d120145 Sea W of Rømø No y1000
p390.htm HAL NR173 RCAF 429 Minelaying d120145 Sea E of Als No y1000
p391.htm HAL MZ342 RAF 192 Bomb G d090245 The North Sea No y1000
p393.htm HAL MZ793 RAF 010 Minelaying d140245 At Sdr. Asmindrup Yes y2005
p394.htm HAL MZ355 RCAF 427 Minelaying d140245 Near Knaplund No y1000
p395.htm HAL MZ865 RCAF 429 Minelaying d140245 Sea S of Sweden No y1000
p396.htm HAL MZ924 RAF 077 Minelaying d150245 Smålandsfarvandet No y1000
p398.htm HAL HX224 RAF 058 Anti ship d250245 The Skagerrak No y1000
p424r.htm HAL NA344 RAF 298 Drop in DK d190445 The North Sea Yes y1990
p427.htm HAL JP336 RAF 058 Anti ship d240445 The Kattegat No y1000
p430.htm HAL NA672 RAF 644 Drop in DK d270445 Ringkøbing Fjord No y1000
p463.htm HAL HR773 RAF 158 Minelaying d280443 The Kattegat No y1000
p466.htm HAL JB923 RCAF 419 Minelaying d290443 The Skagerrak No y1000
p469.htm HAL JP333 RAF 058 Anti ship d291144 The Skagerrak No y1000
p470.htm HAL JP302 RAF 502 Anti ship d261244 The Skagerrak No y1000
p471.htm HAL JP173 RAF 058 Anti ship d210245 The Skagerrak No y1000
p472.htm HAL PN402 RAF 502 Anti ship d100445 The Kattegat No y1000
p473.htm HAL JP299 RAF 058 Anti ship d240445 The Skagerrak No y1000
p481.htm HAL JP330 RAF 058 Anti ship d260444 The Skagerrak No y1000
p482.htm HAL MZ349 RAF 051 Bomb G d130844 The North Sea No y1000
p483.htm HAL HR686 RAF 502 Anti Ship d041044 The Skagerrak No y1000