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LW170 print

Foto fra Karl Kjarsgaard, direktør for Bomber Command Museum of Canada og for HAN - Halifax Aircraft Network. Se Halifax Mk III på YAM 2019.
Maleri af Michael M. Cabe 05 af
Handley Page Halifax B. Mk. IIILW170. Se folk bag en Halifax klar til en mission. Se Lancaster+Halifax.
Se også foto af maleri restaureret af Brian Gaunt 2017 af p396 Halifax B. Mk. III MZ924 KN-D og foto af et maleri af Halifax III MP-B fra Brian Walters.

  Photo from Karl Kjarsgaard, director of Bomber Command Museum of Canada and of HAN - Halifax Aircraft Network. See Halifax Mk III at YAM 2019.
Painting by Michael M. Cabe 05 of Handley Page Halifax B. Mk. IIILW170. See people behind a Halifax ready for a mission - Bless 'Em All.  
Added by Karl Kjarsgaard:
"Purchase a beautiful limited edition signed print of our Halifax LW170 “INVINCIBLE ITEM” for ($165.00 including postage) or an unsigned
print for ($60.00 including postage). This has to be one of the finest prints of a combat Halifax that has ever been produced. It is 100 cms X 60 cms - full size.
The signed prints are signed by (11) combat Halifax RCAF aircrew and the artist and are a real collectors item!"

See also photo of a painting restored by Brian Gaunt 2017 of p396 Halifax B. Mk. III MZ924 KN-D and photo of a painting of Halifax III MP-B from Brian Walters.
He also stated that "QB" on a Halifax means that it most likely was from No. 424 Squadron RCAF. See No. 424 (Tiger) Squadron and 424 "Tiger Squadron".
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