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B-17 total B-17 total
B-17 og besætning på en B-17.

Længde:      22.66 m
Vingefang:    31.62 m
Rækkevidde:3,219 km
med 2.7 t bombelast.
Bomber+brændstof måtte ikke overstige en bestemt grænse.
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B-17 total
B-17 and the crew of a B-17.
Length:74 ft 4 in (Specifications)
Wingspan: 103 ft 9 in
Range: 2,000 mi with 2.7 t bombs.
Bombs+fuel had to respect the
max. takeoff weight 65,500 lb.
"We were never given any more
fuel than the minimum that was absolutely necessary for the mission. Rather than give us more fuel they preferred to load an extra bomb. With this many airplanes went down in the English Channel out of fuel on their return to home base. This always sounded foolhardy to me. Many times the whole crew would be killed and a plane lost for the sake of carrying an extra bomb."
Sgt Lester Schrenk in 
Before flying+during each mission