Duxford 2018 Imperial War Museum Duxford * American Air Museum  Photo: SL 22 SEP 2018                 Updated:  08 NOV 2018  

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BBMF planes BBMF fly
BBMF fly 10 sek. MP4 video af JBS.

Dette foto og videoen viser
Spitfire - Lancaster - Hurricane.
Bemærk bannere

BBMF er en del af Royal Air Force.
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BBMF planes
BBMF planes 10 sec. MP4 video
by JBS.

This photo and the video show
a Spitfire, a Lancaster and a Hurricane.
Notice banners from the
RED ARROWS and from the BBMF.

Battle of Britain Memorial Flight is
a unit of the Royal Air Force.

The mission of the RAF BBMF is
"to maintain the priceless artefacts of
our national heritage in airworthy
condition in order to commemorate
those who have fallen in the service of
this country, to promote the modern
day Air Force and to inspire
the future generations."