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On 25 September 1942 LAN R5679 crashed here west of Grønhøj. One airman was killed, when he hit the ground here.
6 other airmen perished in the air crash. The sky lit up when the bomber burned Mrs Gudrun Laigaard stated.
Aerial photo.
See also Google Map p114 Lancaster R5679. We erected a memorial stone to these 7 airmen. Innkeeper Gregers Laigaard Grønhøj Kro let the room to the left in the entrance to the stable be turned to an RAF Memorial Room. The memorial stone
here facing the road was erected between the stable and The red house.
Søren Nielsen Grønhøj Vognmandsforretning 
donated the stone and transported it to the monumental mason. Gregers made a base for the stone. Knud Gaarn-Larsen,
Gerhardt Hørdum and Anders Straarup were in charge of a public subscription to the local bank Andelskassen i Frederiks.

See account number and details.
Many people supported the project, also with their work! KONGENSHUS MINDEPARK
erected a marker pole at the crash site. The unveiling ceremony will be on Saturday 25 May 2013 at 14.00 hours,
but the standardbearers will meet at 13.00 hrs. There will be about 25 standards from
HVK Kongenshus and HVE KARUP,
societies of old soldiers in Viborg and others.
Mayor Søren Pape Poulsen, the Municipality of Viborg, Squadron Leader Robert
RAF, representing the UK Chief of Defence Staff on behalf of Her Majesty’s Armed Forces, and Colonel Steen Ulrich, Commander of Helicopter Wing Karup and Air Force Chaplain Kåre Egholm Pedersen, Colonel Mogens Bech, Commander of Totalforsvarsregion Nord- og Midtjylland have promised to participate in the unveiling ceremony that will include a special flypast.
A trumpeter from Prinsens Musikkorps and piper Glen Ross Gillespie will play.
 See articles in UGE-AVISEN KARUP and Memorial stone - and Fair interest - and The Lancaster Team - in Viborg Stifts Folkeblad.
No enrolment - everyone is welcome! En lærke letted' has been translated into A Lark Ascended on the occasion. See programme A+B * A * B