Pæn interesse for Lancaster-mindesmærke Viborg Stifts Folkeblad 29 NOV 2012 Links  Updated:  17 DEC 2012


Fair interest for a Lancaster memorial  Article in Viborg Stifts Folkeblad on 29 November 2012.

Grønhøj: Nearly 20 people interested in history attended a meeting in Grønhøj Village Hall arranged by the Lancaster Team in order to establish a memorial to the 7
airmen who crashed to their death with a British Lancaster on 25 September 1942.

The prime mover in the team is the retired teacher Anders Straarup, 68, of Randers, who is working to put all Allied air crashes in and around Denmark during World
War II on the map and describe them.

It is not all crashing sites by far that have or will have a memorial in memory of the crashed airmen. One of the reasons why one is on its way in Grønhøj is that a
nephew of one of the crashed airmen has shown his interest in the matter. He would like to go to Grønhøj in connection with the unveiling of a memorial - most likely
a memorial stone of granite at
Grønhøj Kro.

At present Anders Straarup has no idea when the stone will be unveiled. He estimates that  DKK 10-15,000 have to be collected for the inscription on the stone, a
memorial room at the inn and other things. However, the ambition is to unveil the memorial stone some day in 2013.

Apart from the memorial the idea is to place information boards at the stone (at the crash site, AS) and at Resenfeldevej west of Grønhøj. It was here, about a kilometre
due west of Grønhøj, that the Lancaster bomber crashed after an aerial battle with a German night fighter.

The exact location was found (again) as late as in October this year, when Anders Straarup and a couple of his friends with metal detectors searched the area and
found a number of pieces of wreckage and ammunition from the plane.