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Artikel i Viborg Stifts Folkeblad fredag den 7. december 2012 om penge til Mindesten

Article on Friday 7 December 2012 about money for a Memorial stone

Caption: The memorial stone to the crashed airmen of a Lancaster is to be placed at Grønhøj Kro.

The Lancaster Team needs money
Grønhøj: The so-called Lancaster Team is working to erect a memorial stone to the air crew of 7 that
crashed near Grønhøj with Lancaster R5679 on 25 September 1942.

The plan is now to place the stone with inscription visible from the road - between the old stable of the inn
and the building with the museum for the potato Germans.

It is also the plan to establish a kind of memorial room in the stable with information about the British plane,
its crew, and the general history of the war.

The carter Søren Nielsen, Grønhøj, has promised to donate the stone and transport it to a monumental
mason and back.

There are many other costs connected with the project. Anders Straarup from the Lancaster Team estimates
that the total costs including an official unveiling ceremony will be DKK 10-15,000. The team has started collecting money.

The  Lancaster Team is hoping for contributions from funds and companies and also from private citizens. Donations can be transferred to Andelskassen i Frederiks to account number 5959 8026314.     jøp

(From abroad donations be transferred to another account number,

account number and details.)