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                                                                                                                              German Section, Copenhagen Prison West, 29 June 1944
Plenipotentiary of the German Reich for Denmark
Dr. Best.

Since you have executed 8 Danish men today, I want to express my views to Your Excellency, not for the sake of my family who were shot today, but for all those who will follow them, for we know that some will follow.

Your Excellency, you must understand that because there is sabotage in the city and 8 men who had nothing to do with that are executed,
the unrest will not cease, on the contrary, it will become worse.

You have also been in Denmark so long, Your Excellency, that by now you will probably understand the Danish way of thinking. The work carried out by our men has not been done because of hatred of Germany, but because Denmark is at war, for Denmark is at war.

But I am also afraid that the hatred of Germany will grow, not in those of us who are locked up, we have learned to understand the Germans
a bit better, but in the children who have lost their fathers. What they will think and feel when they grow up, is not difficult to guess, and I know that they will be brought up to be proud of their fathers.

I have a little girl who has lost her father, her grandfather and her uncle today. Fortunately she does not understand it, but if she did, she
would nevertheless be proud of them. The last time I saw my brother he said, ”We know that a rock can be blown up and a river can be
forced another way, but a people that does not want it, shall never pass away.”

Denmark does not want that, for Denmark and all those who gave their lives for Denmark, will bear witness that even a small country like Denmark must be allowed to think independently. Now I have nothing more on my mind. I only want to state that I am proud that I had a husband, a father and a brother who were worthy of dying for Denmark.

Kirstine Fiil Sørensen
(Kirstine = Tulle was 25 years old!)