Mosquito                                                                                                  Updated:  06 AUG 2015

Alle 14 MOS de Havilland Mosquito  i Flytyper. Se fotos  14 MOS.

All 14 MOS de Havilland Mosquitos on Planetypes. See photos  14 MOS.

P_link Plane Force Sqdn Operation Crash_d Crash_site Mon Year
p087.htm MOS DK299 RAF 105 Bomb G d110742 Near Rejsby No y1000
p133.htm MOS DZ407 RAF 105 Attack DK d270143 Tveje-Merløse Yes y1111
p203.htm MOS DD748 RAF 025 Intruder d300743 The North Sea No y1000
p327.htm MOS NS913 PAF 305 Day ranger d160644 Oue at Hadsund No y1000
p331.htm MOS LR373 RAF 021 Intruder d250644 Havrvig, Holmsland No y1000
p377.htm MOS NS906 RAF 418 Day ranger d300944 Grib Skov,Sjælland Yes y1945
p411.htm MOS SZ977 RAF 021 Attack DK d210345 Frederiksberg Yes y1995
p413.htm MOS RS609 RAAF 464 Attack DK d210345 The Kattegat Yes y1995
p414.htm MOS NT123 RNZAF 487 Attack DK d210345 Øresund Yes y1995
p415.htm MOS SZ999 RAAF 464 Attack DK d210345 Nyrup Bugt (Bay) Yes y1995
p420.htm MOS RS619 RAF 235 Anti ship d050445 Tandrup Mark No y1000
p423.htm MOS RF607 RAF 235 Anti ship d190445 Lomborg No y1000
p475.htm MOS RF617 RAF 235 Anti ship d050445 The Kattegat No y1000
p476.htm MOS DZ592 RAF 540 Anti ship d090445 The Kattegat No y1000