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Photo of E. L. Germain from Kristian Nyerrød

Photo of E. L. Germain
KN 1944

Photo of Kristian Nyerrød, RAF Hibaldstow, 1944

3 photos received on 30 April 2021 from
Ole Rønnest because I told him about the latest expansion of AirmenDK regarding Flying Officer Eric Lionel Germain
and his plane MUS FX955.                .


Ole Rønnest knows all the details about the
attack on Aalborg airfield, Fliegerhorst Aalborg West, on 13 August, 1940  and much about
other allied planes and airmen. Once he had
sent a photo of Germain to (Danish) Aviation Historical Review, so it was obvious to ask him
for the same photo for AirmenDK - and he sent
3 photos.


Ole Rønnest wrote about the small photo of Germain, "In 2000 I had a visit from Kristian Nyerrød in connection with the event 4th May to 6th May which I arranged for veterans of the RAF and the visit of the Blenheim plane (R3821) from Duxford. The veterans Kristian Nyerrød and Rowland Williams wanted to meet each other
here in Aalborg for the first time since the war. They had a lot to talk about.

During one of many conversations with Kristian he told me that through all of the years from 1944 to the present day he had had a sad feeling that he was responsible for Germain's death on 6 May 1944. Kristian was in charge of the Day Ranger Mission to Aalborg on the day when Germain was shot down by German fighters in Lundby Coppice south of Aalborg.


While we were talking about it, he took out his wallet and picked out a worn stamp-size photo of Germain. Since the
war he had kept it in his wallet as a precious memory of Germain. It was a photo he had cut out of a large group
photo of personnel of Germain's unit, No. 19 Squadron RAF.


Kristian entrusted me with the copying of the photo, and of course he brought the small original photo with him back to Oslo.

Till his death on 23 March 2003 Kristian was a good friend of mine."

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