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TV2 EAST  Gåde om fly - måske løst Riddle about plane - maybe solved (film 2:52) by Peter Kryger (also the narrator) sent 03 FEB 2011
Anchor Jeppe Nybroe "Clean your glasses and prick up your ears, because here comes a fantastic story. It is an eye witness account about bombers over
West Zealand, about an air crash and the huge explosions, about 7 killed soldiers whose names are unknown. In this report some
of the pieces of the dramatic puzzle are being put together."
Bispebjerg Cemetery In Bispebjerg Cemetery there are 7 gravestones with no names.
Clouds, Villy Skaarup In Korsør Villy Skaarup will never forget what he saw. "If you had seen a plane being shot down, you would never forget."
AS at PC, Bispebjerg plan and in Randers a man is fiddling with pieces 67 years old
Anders Straarup "I'd like to see if I can make everything match"
Korsør Lokalarkiv, newspaper At Korsør Archives of Local History you can see what a dramatic night it was in the air space over the town on 21 April 1943.
AS shows route (GMap p152) "It came in like this and it lost a bomb just before Revvej and it crashed right after Revvej"
Villy Skaarup, eye witness "I saw it was hit, but from the moment it was hit we saw it losing height. Then we had to go inside, as we had no idea about where it
would come down. Then there was this enormous blue flash of light. And then the bangs. Of course they came a little later."
Revvej Today there is a residential neighbourhood where the plane crashed
Crater but it was never found out which plane it was till one of Anders Straarup's friends
Merlin engine saw this photo and he states, "This is a Merlin engine. That engine has never been in a Stirling. It is either in a Halifax or a Lancaster."
Halifax print This photo and other indications make Anders Straarup sure. The plane can only be DT628
Bispebjerg Cemetery and the bodies from here rest in Bispebjerg Cemetery.
Anders Straarup "They can't be from other planes." What does Anders Straarup know about that? More than most people.
AS at PC "I have typed in all of the more than 3,000 airmen I know about from the 460 planes, and I'm well under way writing about them."
Old photos, AS at PC  Nobody knows the war and the heroes of the air like he does
Halifax print, screen but when it comes to DT628, he needs the last proof.
Anders Straarup "More photos to show that to experts this is definately a Halifax."
Korsør Posten -Do you know - Therefore this advertisement in the Korsør Posten
AS reads aloud "Do you have anything about the air crash at Halskov on 21 April 1943 at 00.18 hours?"
Villy Skaarup on Revvej an advertisement that made Villy Skaarup approach Anders Straarup
AS, headstone and with a little luck and more like him "It is the last piece" (AS) this inscription 67 years old will be replaced with a name
Headstones and the family in England - can achieve peace of mind.
Anchor Jeppe Nybroe "What a story, and you can have much more about this story on the TV2 EAST website, and there you may also bring information
if you are of the age where you remember pieces of this kind."