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 Photo: Joseph Palmersheim/Sun Current








Here Lester Schrenk is photographed at an airshow on 13-14 July 2013 standing
by one of only two still airworthy B-17 bombers in the world. As a veteran he and other passengers had a flight of half an hour over Eden Prairie and Lake Minnesota.
It was Schrenk's first flight in a B-17 since he landed in a field in Sĝnderhaa on
22 February 1944. It brought back a lot of memories, he told the local reporter
of the media house Sun Current.

 Photo: Joseph Palmersheim/Sun Current









The small ball turret, from which Lester Schrenk had to shoot from the B-17,
can be turned in all directions.

(See Photo of a B-17 + B-17s in and
B-17 Ball Turret, Ammunition and Ball Turret Gunner by Lester Schrenk.
Only Yankee Lady and Sally B are still airworthy.)

After the war Hans Hermann Müller continued in the German Air Force till he retired as a colonel in 1980. Once he was posted to the NATO SHAPE HQ in Belgium,
so he speaks English fluently. Accordingly the two old airmen can talk directly to each other.

Anders Straarup, Randers, who is researching Allied airmen in Denmark during World War II, has made a website where you can find more
information about Lester Schrenk and Hans Hermann Müller, and about a great number of other Allied airmen in Denmark, shooting downs of planes also in Thy
(he flew in p271), and much much more.
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