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 Photo: Nikolaj Bojer           Photo: Nikolaj Bojer

At that time they had been in contact for more than a year established by the Danish part time historian Nikolay Bojer, Copenhagen. He grew up in Thy and he has
amily ties to Koustrup Mĝllegaard. On a visit to Minnesota, USA, he happened to meet Lester Schrenk and he learned that his highest wish was to meet the German
pilot who had spared the lives of himself and of his mates.

A number of times Nikolaj Bojer hit the wall that the information was classified, but finally he succeeded in finding Hans Hermann Müller in Heidelberg, who turned
93 years old a couple of weeks ago. (See
How I met the German Pilot + a photo of HHM's JU 88 and the letter that started it all.)

In a news item on TV/Midt-Vest in April 2012 about the incident over the North Sea, Hans Hermann Müller stated "Also in a war there is fairness". There the
TV/Midt-Vest also told the viewers about the unusual meeting. (Links in Sgt Schrenk and Obl Müller in 2012)