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Lester Schrenk fløj med en B-17 den 13. juli 2013 - første gang siden 1944!
Dengang var han Ball Turret Gunner i en B-17. Det fortalte han om i december 2000.
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Lester Schrenk took the video 7 min. 54 sec.
B17 Yankee Lady flying over Lake Minnetonka
on 13 July 2013.
It was his first flight in a B-17 since 22 February 1944.
Then he was the Ball Turret Gunner of a B-17. He told about that in December 2000.
In 2013 he wrote
"The flight was most wonderful and it brought back so many wonderful memories.

Managing Editor Joseph Palmersheim, Sun Current Newspapers, wrote
about the flight with Yankee Lady at AirExpo 2013, Eden Prairie, Minnesota.

Earlier he had written about the German pilot who spared his life.
B17 42-31377
with Lester Schrenk was hit on 22 FEB 1944 over the North Sea.
It flew till it crashed here, see overview here + here in Denmark.
See also Sgt Schrenk and Obl Müller in 2012 - and TV films about the event.