B 24 GR8 KK299 - The Kattegat - The long version     På dansk                Updated:  08 JAN 2010

On 5 May 1945 B24 KK299 was shot down about here north east of Anholt. (Danish) Aviation Historical Review writes:

"5 May 1945 (19.39 hours). Kattegat NE of Anholt. Consolidated Liberator GR. VIII, KK299 (2V- ). 547 Squadron, 18 Coastal Group, Leuchars, Fifeshire.
Anti shipping patrol in the Kattegat. 9 MIA and 2 KIA (1 Århus and 1 Aalborg).

On 5 May 1945 at 08.00 hours the German forces in The Netherlands, North west Germany and Denmark surrendered. The Admiralty of the Royal Navy discontinued
all attacks on German surface ships except those that were within 20 miles from the coast of Norway. The anti-submarine patrols went on, as there was a fear that the Germans would fight from Norway. A number of German U-boats heading north were observed in Danish waters as the day went on, and a number of Squadrons were deployed to discontinue this transit.

In the evening Liberator KH347 from 86 Squadron discovered 4 German U-boats north east of Anholt. 3 more Liberators were called in over the radio, and the 4 planes started circling around the German U-boats out of range. 

At 19.30 hours one of the U-boats opened fire against a Liberator. Pilot, F/Lt George William Hill of KK299 immediately attacked and dropped a bomb which detonated only 6 m from U-534. On this U-boat the captain, Kapitänleutnant Herbert Nollau gave the order to open fire, and during its second attack KK299 was hit and crashed, burning, into the sea about 3 nautical miles from the U-boat.

Then W/O Nichol and Captain Lionel Fowler from 86 Squadron and F/Lt Thompson from 206 Squadron attacked. Wt/O Nichol hit U-534 which blew up and sank.
The water was filled with oil, debris and dinghies, large and small, with about 40 survivors, who were later picked up by 2 small German guard ships.

During this rescue operation the body of Navigator, F/Lt Reginald James Allen from KK299 was retrieved. On 6 May the German ships arrived at Århus, and the
Germans were interned. On 10 May F/Lt Allen was buried in Aarhus West Cemetery in a large collective grave together with about 100 Germans. However, a month
later his body was transferred to the plot for allied airmen in the same cemetery.

Wireless operator, W/O Arthur John Dale was found at Hals. He was buried in Aalborg New Cemetery on 14 May 1945." (FT 91-11-58)

U-534 sank about here. See details about U-534.