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  p143overview         B-reg ID ID     found found found buried
AirmenDK Name B-reg Init Rank Service CWGC Plot D.122 B-reg Cause of death   D.122 B-reg 5HALsd B-reg
a048002 MASSON E S F/Sgt RCAF R/130273 X-6-50 0 R.130.273 contusion of the brain At Harvig 15-mar   15-mar 19-mar
a048003 ROSS D R Sgt RCAF R/79133 X-6-49 0 R.79.133 drowning At Harvig 15-mar 15-mar 15-mar 19-mar
a048005 SMITH L R F/Sgt RAF 1110714 X-6-48 0 1.110.714 fracture of the skull At Rødvig 21-mar 23-mar 21-mar 26-mar
a048001 HARRAP H R Sgt RNZAF 414286 X-6-47 yes N.Z.414.286 fracture of the skull, arms, legs In Harvig 29-mar 31-mar 29-mar 07-apr
a048004 SIXSMITH A C Sgt RAF 572445 X-6-133 yes 0 drowning At Harvig 15-apr 16-apr 14-apr 19-apr
e777186 MAIRS T Sgt RAF 625386 X-6-129 yes 0 drowning (crash with an aircraft) At Harvig 23-apr 24-apr 24-apr 28-apr
e222013 CHAMBERS C F Sgt RAF 656582 Fjelie 0 0 ? Sweden 0 0 04-may 26-may

CHAMBERS was found washed ashore in Sweden due east of Copenhagen. Buried at FJELIE Cemetery.
The others were found and taken to Bispebjerg Cemetery, see PLAN. The overview with airmen sorted out after dates of burials clearly shows the procedure.
See Google Map p143 HAL DT620. Zoom. SDFE-map HAL DT620. The name ROSS is unfortunately not on the map, but the red spot for him at Harvig is.
See p143MACR about this crew and FLUKO - German map. (Danish) Aviation Historical Review writes.
See 5 pages about Halifax II DT620 shot down over the Baltic Sea off Stevns on 14 March 1943 mostly by Niels B. Pedersen (short name 5HALsd).

MASSON and ROSS found washed ashore on 15 MAR, one at 00.30, the other at 06.30 hrs, taken to Rødvig. The Wehrmacht took them to Kastrup. (NBP)
In addition the Bispebjerg burial register mentions their ID tags!
Buried on 19 MAR with military honours, see Funeral Bispebjerg, carried out by Fliegerhorst Kastrup. After the war Kastrup Airport. Now Copenhagen Airport.

SMITH found washed ashore at Rødvig on 21 MAR. Danish police had the body taken to Store Heddinge Hospital. On 22 MAR it was reported that the body had
been fetched by the Wehrmacht. (5HALsd) In addition the Bispebjerg burial register mentions his ID tag! Buried on 26 MAR.
SMITH found washed ashore at Harvig on 21 MAR. Identified by his clothes on 18 NOV 1946. (D.122) Details from Danish police added on 10 DEC 1946 (D.122+)

HARRAP pulled out of the wreck of the aircraft in Harvig by a Danish fisherman on 29 MAR, identified by his ID discs, buried on 07 APR. (D.122)

SIXSMITH washed ashore at Harvig on 15 APR, identified by his ID discs, buried on 19 APR. (D.122 - Casualty Enquiry D.122.)

MAIRS: "According to Danish Police the body of Sgt. Mairs was washed ashore on the 23rd April, 1943, at Harvig, approximately one month later, taken to Store Hedding Hospital and identified by his discs and a driving licence found on him. He was collected from there by the Germans." (D.122 - Casualty Enquiry D.122.)
"6-129 Unknown English airman found on 24 April 1943. Crashed with an aircraft, drowned. Buried on 28 April 1943." Bispebjerg burial register X-6-129 MAIRS !?!