George Stewart             Scans via Robert Peel                          Updated:  19 OCT 2014


Grove 26 SEP 1944 photos

Grove 26 SEP 1944 painting

Wassermann M Radar 1944
Wassermann M Radar 2014

CP: Grove 26 SEP 1944
CP: Mosquitoes and Grove

George Stewart *
George Stewart - Ansons


George Stewart 23 Squadron RAF +videos

Flying Officer George Stewart, som angreb Grove 26 SEP 1944,
var fra 23 Squadron, som havde meget travlt over Vesteuropa.
Tyskerne var meget bange, når flyene angreb. Se
Mosquito fotos.

Flying Officer George Stewart who raided Grove 26 SEP 1944
was from 23 Squadron which was very busy over Western Europe.
The Germans were very scared when the planes attacked. See
Mosquito Photos.