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Arne Mosgaard
Born at Skarrild in 1932. He died on 24 February 2021.
National service 1952-54. The Danish Commando in Germany 1953-54
(DK unit serving under British Army of The Rhine).
Denmark took part in occupation of Western Germany from 1947.
Service in Royal Danish Air Force, Air Tactical Command 1956-58.
Service in Danish Home Guard from 1968-2011.
Captain/company commander, 1984 leader of
Home Guard Ground Defence area Karup Airbase.
Teacher training 1958-64.
Teacher and senior master at Herning school until pension age.
Educated as a historian at Aarhus University 1986-91.   
(Photos 1980 and 2000. Text translated by AM from his book in 1997.)                                                                        
Arne Mosgaard near Herning has always been interested in history, particularly Allied airmen and supply operations to the Danish resistance movement.

On a number of occasions he has provided visitors from abroad with written information. Most of his work is in Danish, some is in English.

Fortunately, in you may see these files from him, some of them with notes and links from AS. The contents may be
different from

Skarrild: The folder The Skarrild Cross * RAF Memorial Room 2002 * RAF Wreathlaying 2003 * He also sent Butterflies in the Stomach by Tom Lockett
Wartime Memories by A.G. Buckley and Letters from Vera Lynn in 2004.

The folder Royal Air Force graves Dejbjerg*Tarm: The RAF Memorial at Tarm*Brande: Collage 2004*Drop tanks for P-51 Mustang. Airbase Karup.

Flights with weapons to the Danish resistance movement  by Arne Mosgaard.

Pdf-files: Memorial to 69 weapon flyers at Rebild Hills * The resistance group from Hvidsten * The last weapon flight
Resistance District Herning * Receiving weapon containers * Unpacking containers * Memorial at dropping place "Yvonne"

Graves of weapon flyers in the churchyards of  Gørding * Helligsø * Vang * Fjerritslev * Sejerslev * Tornby *
Sønder Nissum