Vera Lynn                                          Photo and letters from Arne Mosgaard                                   Updated: 19 SEP 2011

LAN ME650 styrtede ned
syd for Skarrild den 27/8 1944.
De 7 flyvere blev begravet på
Skarrild Kirkegård.

Skarrild Museum med en
udstilling om Flyvergraven

er ved siden af kirkegården.

Se Vera Lynn i dansk Wikipedia.
Oversættelse af hendes brev ses i
program 2004.

LAN ME650 crashed
south of Skarrild on 27 AUG 1944.
The 7 airmen were buried in
Skarrild Churchyard.
Skarrild Museum with an
exhibition about the
Grave of the Lancaster Crew
is next to the churchyard.

See Dame Vera Lynn
in Wikipedia in English
with many details.
Her photo and letter were printed
in program 2004.
Listen to her voice in the video
We'll meet again - Vera Lynn.

Mr. Verner Nørgaard Andersen, the late head of the Skarrild-Karstoft Museum (he passed away in 2006), received the photo and the above letter in January 2004
together with this letter from Dame Vera Lynn DBE:
Dear Mr. Andersen,
I have been told about your museum, and that you would like a small memento from myself.
I have enclosed a photo and a letter for you to include in your memorabilia section of "World War Two".
I have many happy memories of your country, where I have appeared in concerts, where I felt a great warmth for me.
Wishing you all a Healthy New Year.                                                                                        Yours  Vera Lynn