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Stadil -
70th commemoration
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Anchor, wreaths Today it is exactly 70 years ago that a British Lancaster crashed near Stadil. It was marked with a memorial ceremony with guests from far away.
RAF Sergeant and
Jessie Bowler
Ninety-year-old Jessie Bowler has travelled more than 1300 km to commemorate her late husband. He was a part of the crew of the plane that was shot down over this field in Stadil.
Jessie Bowler I don't think I'm going to be able to come again, for one thing, and for another, he was a lovely young man. So brave. Only 22 years old. And - shouldn't be forgotten.
All 8 crew members perished. Today one of the deceased officers was awarded a medal.
Erling Halkjær, co-organizer I think it is because they sacrificed themselves for us. Exclusively. And they did it voluntarily. I think that is so great.
Anchor, propeller blade Even if 70 years have passed since the plane crashed, more than 100 people appeared to honour their memory.
Jessie Bowler, Brighton I am so impressed by all these people coming for that little grave there and the Danish people are so wonderful - and looked after this grave there for 70 years.
Anchor, 2 F-16 planes The memorial ceremony was concluded with a high-flying gesture.
Today a propeller blade from the crashed plane was erected at the grave.