First letter to Hans Hermann Müller from Lester Schrenk            Updated:  30 MAY 2012

On 22 February 1944 B17 42-31377 crashed here in Thy after the crew with Sgt Lester Schrenk had bailed out. See ID + Lester Schrenk.
On 23 April 2012 Lester Schrenk and his family visited former Oberleutnant Hans Hermann Müller who shot down Schrenk's B-17 Pot O' Gold.
Lester Schrenk and H.H. Müller in uniforms and Lester Schrenk and Hans Hermann Müller in 2012 based on information and photos from Les.

I had asked if I could bring his letter about his visit to Germany and he answered,
"Certainly you have my permission. I love the work that you are doing for me and I am very proud of the web page that you made for me.  
I will bet that I have the most complete page in your whole collection."

On 9 MAY 2012 Les added this letter that started it all. You may see TV items 41sec. TV2: Old enemies meet 68 years later and
2 min. 47 sec. TV/MIDT-VEST: Mortal enemies become friends (print the speech)
sent on 25 APR 2012.
On 29 MAY 2012 Les sent How I met the German Pilot.

Mr. Hans Herman Mueller:
For years I have been trying to find you so that I could thank you for saving my life and the lives of our crew.

On 22 February, 1944 you shot down our B17 with your JU88. Our mission that day was to bomb the airfield at Aalborg, Denmark. 
On our way back about 160 Km west of Thisted, Denmark, we were hit by your aircraft, badly damaged and on fire.

On that day, even though we were foes, you stopped firing and even escorted our plane on its 20 minute flight back to the coast of Denmark.
Here the wing of our plane blew off and we bailed out. Unfortunately the pilot  of our plane was killed.

My wish to this day has been that somehow I would be able to contact  you and become friends. Yes, during the war we were mortal enemies, 
but then, each of us were fighting for our countries and both fighting of what we believed was right. Now all of that is behind us.

With the help of my Danish friends trying to find you we have found you little by little.  First your name, then the log of your shoot down,
your war victories , where you lived and were born,  also your photo.

Now I would like to get to know you much better,  Be it in person, by letters, emails, or even through a mutual friend,  to give you my thanks
and gratitude for being a gentleman and not only saving my life,  but the lives of my crew. I owe you much!!!


Lester F. Schrenk