Hampden                                                                                                  Updated:  06 AUG 2015

Alle 19 HAM Handley Page Hampden i Flytyper. Se foto.

All 19 HAM Handley Page Hampdens on Planetypes. See photo.

P_link Plane Force Sqdn Operation Crash_d Crash_site Mon Year
p003.htm HAM P1173 RAF 044 Not DK/G d120440 The North Sea No y1000
p009.htm HAM P1329 RAF 050 Bomb G d270640 NorthSea offHolland No y1000
p010.htm HAM P4352 RAF 044 Minelaying d040740 The North Sea No y1000
p012.htm HAM L4087 RAF 044 Minelaying d200740 Tannis Bugt (Bay) No y1000
p025.htm HAM X2973 RAF 144 Bomb G d171040 Off Frisian Islands No y1000
p030.htm HAM AD727 RAF 061 Minelaying d110641 Kiel Bay off Buelk No y1000
p045.htm HAM AE301 RAF 106 Minelaying d270841 Limfjorden nearHals No y1000
p047.htm HAM AE300 RAF 106 Bomb G d120941 Near Hostrup No y1000
p052.htm HAM AD850 RAF 083 Minelaying d061141 Sea SE of Mandø No y1000
p056.htm HAM AE148 RAF 408 Minelaying d111241 Sanderum Yes y1949
p057.htm HAM P1341 RAF 106 Bomb G d150142 Nordenskov No y1000
p058.htm HAM AT194 RAF 144 Minelaying d240242 Off Frisian Islands No y1000
p061.htm HAM AE246 RAF 420 Bomb G d290342 Off Anholt No y1000
p065.htm HAM P5330 RCAF 420 Bomb G d250442 Sønderby Bjerge Yes y1945
p076.htm HAM AE288 RCAF 408 Bomb G d090542 Sea E of Mandø No y1000
p077.htm HAM AT224 RCAF 408 Minelaying d150542 Sea SW of Samsø No y1000
p078.htm HAM AD803 RCAF 408 Minelaying d160542 Sea S of Samsø No y1000
p090.htm HAM AT227 RCAF 408 Bomb G d190742 The North Sea No y1000
p465.htm HAM P4377 RAF 049 Minelaying d070840 The Kattegat No y1000