B-24 Liberator                                                                                         Updated:  06 AUG 2015

Alle 13 B24 Consolidated B-24 Liberator i Flytyper91 US planes.

All 13 B24 Consolidated B-24 Liberators on Planetypes 91 US planes.

P_link Plane Force Sqdn Operation Crash_d Crash_site Mon Year
p278.htm B24 4252432 USAAF 755 Bomb G d090444 Venslev Yes y1945
p281.htm B24 4252569 USAAF 786 Bomb G d090444 Saksfjedgård, Loll. Yes y1946
p306.htm B24 4129479 USAAF 715 Bomb G d290444 Near Poulsker No y1000
p309r.htm B24 4040530 USAAF 406 Drop in DK d070544 Vognbjerg at Skjern Yes y1990
p328.htm B24 100351 USAAF 565 Bomb G d200644 Langelandsbælt No y1000
p329.htm B24 4295144 USAAF 565 Bomb G d200644 Langelandsbælt No y1000
p330.htm B24 4250329 USAAF 700 Bomb G d210644 Lillebælt Yes y1111
p332.htm B24 EV947 RAF 206 Anti ship d150744 The Skagerrak No y1000
p345.htm B24 4440443 USAAF 004 Bomb G d240844 Near Holt, Suffolk No y1000
p421.htm B24 HK259 RAF 206 Anti ship d090445 The Kattegat No y1000
p425.htm B24 KH410 RAF 206 Anti ship d210445 At Aarestrup Yes y1945
p433.htm B24 KK299 RAF 547 Anti ship d050545 The Kattegat No y1000
p456.htm B24 24278 USAAF 067 Bomb G d140543 The Baltic Sea No y1000