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4 medals

Distinguished Flying Cross and 3 British campaign medals*1939-45 Star*Air Crew Europe Star with FRANCE AND GERMANY clasp*War Medal 1939-1945

You can't apply for a gallantry medal like the DFC. You must be recommended to qualify. You can apply for a campaign medal, if you meet the criteria.
(Source: The Ministry of Defence, Medals: Campaigns, descriptions and eligibility)
Many airmen flew till they were shot down. See Loss of Lives and survival rate in Lancaster, Halifax, B-24 and B-17. See also Airmen 1946 * Happy Ending and links.

Photo from Douglas Johnston - all 4 medals awarded Squadron Leader Albert Sydney Perkins.

Foto fra Douglas Johnston - alle 4 medaljer tildelt Squadron Leader Albert Sydney Perkins.
Man kan ikke søge om en tapperhedsmedalje som DFC. Man skal anbefales til den for at komme i betragtning.
Kampagnemedaljer kan man søge om, hvis man opfylder kriterierne.
Mange flyvere fløj til de blev skudt ned. Se Tab af liv med overlevelsesrate i Lancaster, Halifax, B-24 og B-17. Se også Flyvere 1946 * Happy Ending og links derfra.