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Artikel om  Arthur Vincent Plante, bombeskytte på LAN NG233.
Se fotos ved artiklen af Bent Daugaard
. Se også 47 navne i St. Clement Danes og i Horsens.
Article about Arthur Vincent Plante, the bomb aimer of LAN NG233.
See the photo with the article by Bent Daugaard and
47 names in St. Clement Danes and in Horsens.

I'll remember my friend Arthur  The story of a gravestone in Horsens  by Bent Daugaard

HORSENS - Actually, my father is the cause of my peculiar friendship with Arthur Vincent Plante, who died on 12 March 1945.

I was 12 years old, when I visited Horsens West Cemetery where also Arthur is buried. Along tortuous paths we reached Arthur's plot which to me as a child was
different from the other plots that I had seen.

To begin with the tablet with information about the plot was placed horizontally. Secondly the text and data on the stone were written in English of which I then did
not understand a word.

My inborn curiousity was so triggered by the experience that I published the book He died for our freedom in 2001.
My interest in Arthur and aviation, particularly gliding, nearly became an obsession with me.

The wife of a grocer in this town contributed to the book with essential information, as her mother exchanged letters with Arthur's mother in Toronto, Canada after
the war.

Buried in May
Arthur Vincent Plante's last resting place became Horsens due to a series of events starting in the last months of the war and ending when his body was found in
As Vig in late May 1945. On 31 May 1945 a few days later all loose ends about the death of a young man were tied up and he was buried in Horsens West Cemetery.

Canada, Denmark and the United Kingdom have shown in the most beautiful way that teamwork is better than war. Do all young people in 2009 know that?
Tomorrow when I stand at my friend's grave with my bunch of flowers I will think once more of three of the words on his gravestone, Rest in Peace.

Arthur Vincent Plante sacrificed his life, so that we can keep the freedom which gives meaning to life.                                                    (Translated by AS.)