Arthur Vincent Plante - Bent Daugaard                                                                     Updated: 08 FEB 2021
 Scan: Horsens Bibliotek                                                         Horsens Folkeblad 11 MAR 2009 via J. Nøhr

Gravsten for
Arthur Vincent Plante,
bombeskytte på
LAN NG233.

Se artiklens tekst.

Bent Daugaard
har sin bog
Han døde for friheden
i hånden på
Horsens Vestre Kirkegård
Bent Daugaard 1933-2013.

Gravestone of
Arthur Vincent Plante,
the bomb aimer of
LAN NG233.

See the
text of the article.
Bent Daugaard
has his book
He died for our freedom
in his hand in
Horsens West Cemetery.
Bent Daugaard 1933-2013.

"Arthur Vincent Plante
was the bomb aimer of an aircraft from the Royal Air Force. On 12 March 1945 it was shot down off As Hoved. His body was the only one
from the crew of 7 airmen which drifted ashore.
In 2001 Bent Daugaard wrote a book about the Canadian airman and marked the event with a visit to Arthur Vincent Plante's grave in Horsens West Cemetery
together with the then Mayor Vagn Ry Nielsen."  (Photo from the archives of the newspaper Horsens Folkeblad) (Translated by AS)