Letters about John Robert Tree             PŚ dansk                                  Updated:  12 APR 2023

John Robert Tree and the crew of LAN JB412, see crew photo, bailed out, see Google Map p258 LAN JB412 and Lancaster photos, exits, more exits.

Letter from Bill and Alice Livesay 1945  to John's sister Ann (Annie),
passed on
 from Lorelle, transcript by Anders:

Dear Ann,                                                                   19/7/45
When we got hit we were over Denmark itself and heading for the East coast. I gave John a pat on the back for luck as he was ready to jump, and he turned round and looked at me but never said anything as we were in a bit of af hurry. But he did not look in panic at all and already had hold of the rip cord handle.
I watched him go and he got clear of the plane without any injuries whatsoever, but I soon lost sight of him in the darkness. I canít understand the news about Johnny, because he should have been further into Denmark than I was. Also I canít understand the news about the other two who are missing Johnny, the rear gunner and myself went out of the door near the tail. It wasnít an emergency door it was the one used for entering the plane. The other four went out of the emergency door at the front. What I canít understand is that the engineer went first, bomb aimer second, navigator third and the pilot at last. The first one out and the third one are missing, and the other two are OK. If the two who are missing from the front end of the plane had jumped one after the other I could understand it, but not when they jumped alternately. I have seen the pilot and the bomb aimer, but I have not seen the rear gunner although he is home. I thought they would have written to you before now.

Sorry to say, but I never received any of your letters while I was over there,
and hope that you had better luck in receiving mine. I am afraid that is all I can tell you, but if there is any way I can help you at all please let me know. I told the intelligence all I could when I came home and I went and made out another report on it when I went back for my medical last week. Please inform me if you receive any news at all. Remember me to your mother and father and the rest of the family. Bill.

Dear Ann,
This is Alice. I would like to say hello to you. Please stop apologizing when you write  I love getting your letters and only wish there was something we could do to help you. Give my love to your Mother and family.

Letter from Bill and Alice Livesay, 1946  to John's sister Ann, (Annie)
passed on from Lorelle, transcript by Anders:

Dear Ann,
I am happy to say, we have received both your parcels. The cake was lovely
and none the worse for itís long travels. The parcel was quite safe too, only the tooth paste being a bit squashed. Bill asks me to tell you to thank your mother. We all thank you from
the bottom of our hearts.

Well, Ann  I told you Bill had written to the Red Cross about Johnie, today
got a reply. I said I would let you know Ann if we got to know anything.
Well, I am going to keep that promise, although it is not pleasant news I have.
I am going to put the message word for word as we received it Ann I think it
will be better that way. Here it is

ďThe R.A.F. & Dominions Missing Research & Enquiry Service have dis- covered that the body of F/S Tree was washed ashore on the 19th of June 1944 near Ballebro Lighthouse, Avnbol, and was buried on the 22nd of June 1944, in grave no. 23 in the Cemetery at Aabenraa, Aabenraa, Denmark.Ē

Well, Ann, there is nothing I can say about that statement. We can only pray for you all. I canít write any more now Ann, so Goodnight and God Bless You All.

All my love.
Both AIR LETTERS were sent to
Mrs. A. Gagliardi
, Grovely Terrace, Mitchelton, N.W.3 Brisbane, Queensland,
Senderís name and address:
Mrs. A. Yates
, 47 John Booth St. Springhead, Oldham, Lancashire, England.