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TV2/Nord: Mindesten for flyvere 13 AUG 2013                  TV2/Nord       
     Speech p022 BLE T1934  Lart, Gillingham, Beeby  Rødhusvej  /  p023 BLE R3913  Wigley, Patchett, Morrison  Udholmvej

Memorial stones to airmen Film 1 min. 55 sec. by Martin Særmark-Thomsen sent on 13 AUG 2013.                  
Anchor Today a final chapter was written in the story of 6 British airmen who were shot down during World War 2.
2 memorial stones to the fallen were unveiled in the Tranum Dune Plantation on the sites where the 6 young men perished.
The Last Post -
Squadron Leader - film -
6 planes
Now it is 73 years ago that 6 young British airmen met their superiors in the air over Tranum,
among them John Lart's uncle who was the leader of the mission.
John Lart I do remember, as a small boy meeting him before the Second World War.
Planes None of the total of 11 planes involved that reached Aalborg returned. 20 of 33 crew members perished.
Unveiling And even if there are not many left who remember the war, the memorials are important for posterity.
That is the opinion of historian Julian Horn who has been researching the story of the fallen from the air base i Watton.
Julian Horn If we do not remember the sacrifice that these men made we may well repeat the mistakes that led to it.
We should do everything we can to record history.  
Anchor The initiative for the erection of the 2 memorial stones was taken by the local group in the parish after they had heard the story retold
on a walk.
Lillian Carstensen We were just looking. There was nothing to see. Actually we found that a bit sad.
4 planes As a beautiful gesture to their fallen colleagues the Baby Blue Display Team from the Royal Danish Air Force
made flypasts over the 2 memorials.
Stone (Lart, Gillingham,Beeby) Memorials that even after a number of decades mean a lot to the descendants.
John Lart - 4 planes So the memory will live on. I feel very proud to be here, as you can hear. It is a bit -
Anchor All of the 20 airmen were buried in the churchyard in Vadum.