Flybesætning mindes - Aircrew commemorated  Scan from Knud Gaarn-Larsen, UGE-AVISEN KARUP 21 NOV 2012

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This is a photo of the very plane R5679 that crashed near Grønhøj in 1942. Mike Brewser, a relative of one of the crew members, found the Photo of this aircraft

Aircrew commemorated by Knud Gaarn-Larsen. Published in the UGE-AVISEN KARUP on 21 NOV 2012. See Links and About the meeting.

All 7 crew members of the British Lancaster that crashed near Grønhøj in 1942 should be remembered for their effort. That is why a small self-appointed group has
scheduled a meeting in the Grønhøj Village Hall on Monday 26 November on the initiative of Anders Straarup. At the meeting he will tell the audience about the
thoughts and ideas that are up now.

Grønhøj Transport has already promised us a suitable stone for a memorial, so in that way we have active support from the area, Anders Straarup states. He is also
hoping for support in cash so the names of the crew members can be carved on the stone. At the meeting he will tell more about the plans, and about the plans by
relatives of the perished airmen of a visit to Grønhøj in the summer of 2013.

All of the story has been in the UGE-AVISEN in a number of articles, but you may also read it on Anders Straarup's website .

Thank you
On the UGE-AVISEN we would like to thank all of the people who have helped to throw light on this chapter in history. It is exceptional that so many people have
come up with their part of the story in the way they remembered it. We hope for local support to erect a memorial to the 7 crew members who paid the ultimate price
for freedom.
                                                                                                                                                                       (Translated by AS)