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 Se  Google Map p047 Hampden AE300.

See Google Map p047 Hampden AE300.

Aarhus Police sent 6 men and 4 dogs led by Police Sergeant B. Mouritzen to join the search.

Herdsman Oscar Larsen, employed by farmer Herman Østergaard, Hostrup states that he happened
to be outside his house this morning at 03.30 and he saw an aircraft coming in a northerly direction.
He saw that it crashed into Østergaard's field. Immediately it caught fire. Right after that Mr. Schmidt,
the manager of the co-operative store in Hostrup, and farmer Rydder, "Borchsminde", Hornum arrived. -
Oscar Larsen did not go near the aircraft.

Farmer Svend Schjødt, "Hornumkjær", Hornum woke up when an aircraft flew over the farm at a low
altitude and shortly afterwards he heard a crash. He got to his feet and saw fire close by in Øster-
gaard's field. He immediately called Police Sergeant Thuesen, Braaskov on the telephone.
Svend Schjødt did not go near the crash site as he feared that there might be bombs in the aircraft.

 Farmer Rydder, "Borchsminde", Hornum states that at 03.25 he heard an aircraft flying over Hornum
in a southerly direction. The engine stopped and shortly after he heard a crash. He went to the crash
site where the aircraft was burning. He did not notice any military persons or parachutes.

At 16.00 today the 2 missing airmen have not been found yet, but the search is continued.

The 2 parachutes used by the airmen Davies and Bannister are kept by Horsens Police.

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