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This is one of the stories about airmen Rescued by fishermen in the North Sea. Who were the airmen???

This account about a Danish fishing cutter can not be matched with a similar American account of the same event!

Account given to the Fisheries and Maritime Museum in Esbjerg on 10 February 1970 and sent to www.airmen.dk on 2 February 2009:

Told by Kasper Myrup, the skipper of the fishing cutter E 494 "Svenning" of Esbjerg:

"The cutter "Svenning" was fishing in "Clay Deep" (see a map of the North Sea) where they picked up 12 American airmen from a dinghy.
The airmen had been in the boat for 3 days, when they were picked up in the morning, and they were quite exhausted. During the night search
planes in the area had tried to wake up the crew of "Svenning" by diving over the cutter. In the morning the fishermen were guided to the
dinghy by light signals.

The weather was bad, and when the airmen had come aboard, the painter of the dinghy broke and it drifted away. Kasper Myrup wanted to salvage
the dinghy, but the airmen shot it to pieces before the crew got hold of it. The cutter "Svenning" sailed west. It had been reported and after
sailing for some time they were met by a launch, which took the airmen on board. Each of the fishermen of the "Svenning" was given an airman´s
suit before they said goodbye to the launch.

On the arrival back in Esbjerg the biggest problem was to hide the suits from the German control officers, but the fishermen managed to do that."

This story is told in the book by A. Hjorth Rasmussen: Det er nødvendigt at sejle Fiskeri- og Søfartsmuseet, Esbjerg, 1980
                                                                                       (Sailing is necessary)
Fisheries and Maritime Museum, Esbjerg, 1980

with the extra information that it was on a spring morning in 1944.

12 airmen are the normal crew of a B-24 Liberator. Clay Deep is an area around the point here. See a map of the North Sea.

Who knows about an American B-24 Liberator crashed in the North Sea in "the spring" of 1944

where all 12 airmen were rescued from their dinghy by the "Svenning"???

Please contact www.airmen.dk via data shown at the bottom of About airmen.dk.