Sources of                                      preliminary edition                                             Updated:  29 MAY 2008


Main sources: Anders Bjørnvad´s books Faldne Allierede Flyvere 1939-45 (FAF) (Fallen Allied Airmen), De fandt en vej (DFEV) (They found a way) and Krigens Monumenter (KM) (Monuments of the War). Anders Bjørnvad writes about every allied airman buried in Denmark. That is the basis of the system with numbers of cemeteries and airmen in this database.

Indirectly I then also build on Anders Bjørnvad´s sources in litterature and archives - and works of Birger Hansen, Ove Hermansen, Ole Kraul, Henrik Skov Kristensen, Claus Kofoed, Frank Weber, Ole Rønnest and others.

Most important additional source: Søren C. Flensted: Airwar over Denmark (AOD) a very comprehensive and detailed website with all planes and their crews. All exact names of planes (such as Stirling I W7531) are from AOD. The list of types of operations is based mainly on AOD, and the numbers of planes follows AOD chronologically with the first plane 30 SEP 1939 and the last 5 MAY 1945.

Søren C. Flensted in AOD also in his own way builds on the sources already mentioned, Finn Buch, Niels Erik Stampe and others.

Commonwealth War Graves Commission gave permission to use information from their website CWGC. John Ernest Fitzgerald shows how.

Other sources are used to some extent. Additional information is very welcome! Time does not allow me to get to the bottom of each story! Instead I like to link to other websites. In addition to Airwar over Denmark there may be pages about a certain air crash or certain airmen written by residents of the area, by military units or by the bereaved families.

I include further information from sources I find in many different ways. Photos of headstones and monuments and texts about airmen and planes are in focus.

Till now I have received information and help from Niels Erik Stampe, Finn Buch, Bodil Nedergaard, Henning V. Jensen, Helge W. Gram, Anders Lund, Ole Rønnest, Kristian Peder Moesgaard, E.V.H. Jensen, Leo Bram, Gunnar Hounsgaard, Else Hjort Nielsen and others.

Read more about photos and about exact positions via on the page Construction of