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Stephen Alfred Symons
was the Pilot of
Hudson AM523.

S.A. Symons
G.E.V. Symons
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About Vic
Vic's log book March 1945  Vic discharged 1946





Stephen and Ruby at their wedding in 1940      Stephen's twin sister Alys, Percy Waite, Ruby and Stephen Symons in 1941.

His brother Vic joined up with RAF after his brother was killed. Vic's story is in thanks to Stephen's family because
it has many details and it is so much like the stories of a great number of other airmen. Families were torn apart by
Loss of Lives.

Vic survived the war and emigrated to New Zealand 10 years later.
His son, also named Stephen Symons after his uncle is The Town Crier in Christchurch, New Zealand and is a passionate historian. (Source: Margaret Balsom)