VAF 22 MAY 1944  

Artikel fra Arne Mosgaard
fra Vejle Amts Folkeblad

12 MAY 2014    

LAN LL950 styrtede ned
ved Vesterlund.

Se også Politirapport og

Meldinger fra Landscentralen

modtaget fra Arne Mosgaard.

LAN LL950 crashed near

See also Police Report and
Reports about a crashed aircraft
received from Arne Mosgaard

Translation from Stuart Tamblin,
slightly adjusted by Anders Straarup:

Avisartikel - Vesterlund
(Vejle Amts Folkeblad)


Newspaper Article - Vesterlund
(Vejle County Newspaper)
22 May 1944


Aerial combat over the Brande area yesterday afternoon and during the night

A British bomber was hit and set on fire in the night and crashed near Vester.

BRANDE. Brande (here) was put on an alarm footing on Sunday afternoon from 16.55 to 17.15 and last night from 00.30 to 02.15. 

Yesterday afternoon, aerial combat took place across the western part of the parish and over Arnborg (here).  People using the roads and in the fields needed
to seek cover. A cow that was grazing in a field half a kilometer from Arnborg was hit in the head by a projectile and was killed on the spot.

Aerial Combat at Night

During the lengthy alarm period last night, there was also an aerial combat over Brande and at 2 o’clock, a four-engined British bomber was hit and set on fire.
With flames issuing from the wings and tail, the aircraft came crashing in a large spiral toward the ground. It flew in a long curve over Thyregod (here) and hit
the ground (monument here) near the railway line in Vester in the triangle between Anders Christoffersen’s, Peder Jensen’s and Søren Sørensen's properties. 

Upon crashing, an explosion came from the aircraft and debris was scattered over a large area.  In the wreckage were found the bodies of four airmen whilst
the remainder of the crew, presumably of ten men, had probably jumped out with parachutes.