Speech by Robert Hylands on 25 May 2013 at the Memorial stone to 7 airmen of LAN R5679  På dansk Updated:  04 JUN 2013

                  Squadron Leader Robert Hylands RAF, representing the UK Chief of Defence Staff and on behalf of Her Majesty's Armed Forces:

Sirs, Ladies and Gentlemen, Honoured Guests,

May I begin with a word of thanks for the kind invitation to allow me, on behalf of the British Embassy and the United Kingdom's Armed Forces, to pay tribute to
the bravery and courage of these airmen; also for the warm welcome that has been extended today to my wife Michelle and me.

It is especially poignant for me to remember members of the Royal Air Force, but I would also like to make special mention of the members of the Royal Canadian
Air Force who lost their lives: Navigator Flight Sergeant John Duffield and Air Gunner Flight Sergeant Bill Emerslund.

Today I feel mixed emotions. Sadness at the loss of brave young men, but also admiration of the selfless acts of courage which so many displayed in the fight
against oppression and tyranny.

Many cannot imagine today what it must have been like to live through such a World War, but there were many special bonds of comradeship and friendship formed
in those days of adversity and a sense of common purpose to protect the ideals of democracy, freedom of speech, human rights and the rule of law. Ideals which are embedded in both our countries' cultures, traditions and laws, and often taken for granted in the new century. A special friendship has existed between our two
countries ever since and continues to flourish, making me proud on a personal level to be serving in Denmark.

Whilst we should commemorate the fallen from the 2nd World War and honour their memories, we should also remember those who continue to make the ultimate sacrifice for our most important freedoms. We have continued to be brothers in arms in Bosnia, Iraq, Afghanistan and more recently in Libya and Mali, upholding the principles that our countries value so greatly. Sadly, upholding these ideals has also seen both our countries lose young men and women in the continued struggle against oppression and the fight to protect human rights. Support from family, friends and communities continues to be an essential support for these young men
and women, enabling them to perform their duty with confidence.

Thank you again for your warm welcome and for the community efforts to ensure that these brave men will not be forgotten. I must especially thank Anders Straarup
who has worked hard to ensure the success of this event and has personally hosted us today, making it such a memorable day. Finally I would like to thank all of
you and the community who turned out today to pay their respects and ensure that the fallen will be remembered.

Thank you all.