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Skrevet af Ole Kraul i 1981 eller senere.       Google Map p047 Hampden AE300

Written by Ole Kraul in 1981 or later.            Google Map p047 Hampden AE300

Havlykke's fields and downhill to the Belle watermill and on to the blacksmith's. On his
way home uphill he saw something white flapping under a bush in the hedgerow. He walked closer and found a parachute which he took with him back home. Says he intended to hide it.

However a farmhand had seen the parachute and Mrs. Jørgensen became aware of that.
She advised her husband to make a phone call to the police about the find. (Off the record:
He refused and then she did it - information on the telephone from J.: I can tell it now - my
wife is in the garden. Does not want me to talk about this matter.) Police and Germans
arrived and questioned him while the farm was searched. Later an airman's helmet marked Bannister was found in the field north east of the farm.

When he bailed out Rear Gunner, Sergeant Francis Davies who landed near Rohden had lost
a joint of a finger. It was squeezed off in the hatch of the emergency exit. From Rohden he
was taken to Hornsyld Hospital.

Two days later he was taken to the German field hospital in Vejle. From there he was taken
to a prisoner of war camp in Germany. In 1982 attempts were made to trace him in Wales
via his address from the time of war - in vain.

Police Sergeant Jacobsen put Navigator Sergeant ? Dunn into custody in Vejle after he met
him near Grejsdalen. His parachute was found in the eastern edge of Bredballe. From there Dunn must have taken a westerly direction, crossed the road Vejle-Horsens and then
reached Grejsdalen.

In 1981 the Royal Air Force Personnel Management Centre had no trace of Sergeant Dunn.
In the memory of Sergeant Philson Dunn might have been a Canadian.

Pilot, Sergeant J. Bannister was on his 28th operational sortie. He had served 97 Squadron
in the same airfield.

(Translated by Anders Straarup)