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Skrevet af Ole Kraul i 1981 eller senere.    Google Map p047 Hampden AE300     

Written by Ole Kraul in 1981 or later.          Google Map p047 Hampden AE300

Now the packet was empty and due to his stiff fingers and his being severely
injured he was unable to get hold of another packet, but he could pat his breast pocket.
Møller found the packet and lit a cigarette for the airman, while Sørensen ran to Rømer's
house to make telephone calls for a doctor and an ambulance. However, Dr. Spangfeldt,
Stouby did not want an ambulance to be called for until he himself had attended the airman.
At that time this was considered as an opportunity for the airman to make a confidential statement before he was taken away. Later Gustav Sørensen found one of the airman's
boots 200-300 metres west of the road Hostrup-Stouby.

The airman, Sergeant Jack Bannister, the Pilot of the plane, was taken to Hornsyld Hospital.
It appeared that he had a serious open fracture of his thigh bone and it was necessary to amputate his leg. At the hospital he was attended by charge nurse Miss J. Mejer. He was in the ward for six weeks. Then he was taken to the German field hospital in Sct. Maria
Hospital in Vejle and later he was taken to a field hospital in Germany.

In an exchange of severely injured prisoners of war arranged by the Swedish Red Cross
Bannister was taken home to England in 1943. After the war Miss Mejer has visited
him 5 times. At Christmas 1970 he mentioned to her that he was suffering from a lung
disease and that he might have to be operated on.

- Jack Bannister died in September 1971, a few days before the 30th Anniversary of the air crash. A couple of weeks earlier he had promised Ole Kraul a detailed report about his last flight when he got the opportunity.

Later Gustav Sørensen took over Belle Nygaard from Alfred Jørgensen, 1980 Eskely,
Daugaard. In 1941 Alfred Jørgensen found Philson's parachute:
1.8.1980 - On Friday 12 September he had been to the blacksmith's with his horses. Went
from Belle Nygaard along the earth road heading south across