James Reid Bradley - A letter from his sister Mrs. Nora Hibbert        James Reid Bradley      Updated:  06 MAY 2020

Foto og brev PÅ DANSK fra hans søster Mrs. Nora Hibbert.

James Reid Bradley

Photo and letter from his sister Mrs. Nora Hibbert.
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pdf from Randers Amtsavis 18 FEB 2017 See Article and CV. Record of Service.

MAR 25 2017
Dear Mr. Straarup,
Thank you for your letter of March 9/17.
I do not do computing, thus pen to paper.

My brother James Reid Bradley (Jim to family and friends) was born on Nov 19,
1921 in Toronto, Canada. Fourteen years later I was born in 1935 on the date
19 Nov, 1935. My brother called me his birthday present.
Jim was a mathematical genius. On graduation, from Secondary School, he was employed by an insurance company as an actuary.
When war was declared, Jim joined the Royal Canadian Airforce as a navigator.
He proved to be very accurate in his navigation. He was asked if he would transfer
to the English Airforce and navigate aeroplanes that dropped spies into enemy territories. He did and was on the plane flying a spy to Norway. On the way back
to England their plane was shot down and as the crew left the plane my brother stayed back to assist a flyer from the plane who was pinned. The plane hit the
water before he could help and my brother and the other man (I presume) were drowned. My brother's body was washed up on shore and rifled by German
soldiers. An inscripted cigarette case of my brother's was stolen from his body.
This was later returned to the family, having been removed from a captured
German soldier. This case is now in my possession.

Jim's loss was a great loss to his family.
In all it was (and still is) a very sad time.

May another war like that one "NEVER" occur again.
Yours truly
Nora Hibbert      PS. Mrs. Nora Hibbert died on 28 August 2019.