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YAM WingsYAM Badges
Foto: Anders Straarup 16 SEP 2017
To vinger til en uddannet pilot, en enkelt vinge til hver
med andre funktioner.
Mindemedaljer og kampagnemedaljer.
Krigsfangemedaljen med pigtråd er nem at kende. 

Photo: Anders Straarup 16 SEP 2017
Two wings worn by Pilots of the RAF, the RCAF, and others. A single wing for other crew positions.
Sergeant R.L. Luce,  Wireless Operator/Air Gunner with
Bomber Command Commemorative Medal
first struck in 1985 and
Allied Ex Prisoners of War Medal,
also a commemorative medal.
And 3 British Campaign Medals
1939-45 Star*Air Crew Europe Star*War Medal
The single wings have letters for the crew positions:
N Navigator
O Observer, from 1942 Air Bomber and Navigator took
    over his duties.
S Air Signaller from January 1944, when the roles of
   Wireless Operator and Air Gunner were separated.
E Flight Engineer
AG Air Gunner was later replaced by the brevet
WAG Wireless Operator/Air Gunner, the difference
being the addition of the "wireless flash" worn on the sleeve for wireless operators. Air Gunners didn't wear
the wireless flash. The "Wireless Flash" was the badge showing the clenched fist with three lightning flashes
on either side of it.

Thanks to Brian Walters for the explanations.