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YAM Radio
Foto: Anders Straarup 16 SEP 2017

Bemærk knytnæven med 3 lyn på hans
skulder for at vise, at han var radio-telegrafist. Omkring 1944. Kabinen var opvarmet, derfor ikke varmt tøj.

Photo: Anders Straarup 16 SEP 2017

Notice the clenched fist with 3 flashes on
his shoulder to show that he was a
Wireless Operator, about 1944.

By 1943 the cabin positions were usually heated, and the crew did not require the
layers of clothing that were worn by
Air Gunners.

This Wireless Operator works with a
T1154 Transmitter. The layout of this radio equipment shows it to be the same as a Halifax set up, Brian Walters stated.

Brian Walters worked with the T1155 Receiver and T1154 Receiver in the late 1960's.
He added, "I've even been "bitten" by the hight voltage power supply unit for the transmitter, a 1200 volt electric shock!
I ended up sitting in the corner at the other side of the room wondering how on earth I
got there!"