Donald V. Smith - Links for First Airman to Sweden                        Updated: 06 JUN 2021

When I had written about STI R9261 and Donald V. Smith, who was the first allied airman to reach Sweden in the spring of 1943 during World War II, I sent a mail to his son Dave Smith who wrote the fine "Together at last"  in Danish Military History to tell him about my website Allied Airmen at

In his very kind answer Dave Smith included a short version of the story, and when I asked for permission to bring his account, it ended up with a full story of his father´s way to Sweden, here as a pdf-file. Hyperlinks for his story are collected here, so you can concentrate on the fascinating story First Airman to Sweden when you read it.

See Don's route with the location of most of the places he passed.

Page 1 Bomber Command * Stirling Bomber * crash site at Kongsmark here * Copenhagen * Helsingør * The British Embassy * CWGC * Svinø
Page 2 Squadron Leader Charles Lofthouse from 7 Squadron Association was also present, as he was in 1993 when the monument in Kongsmark was unveiled.
Page 3 Kirke Stillinge * Aalsgaarde * Beeton, Ontario
Page 4 Toronto * Hurricane * Spitfire * Wellington * Hampden * No. 75 Squadron RNZAF * RAF Newmarket
Page 5
STI R9261  took off from RAF Oakington * They were Pathfinders * Stettin (Szczcin) 
Page 6 They used H2S radar.

Page 14 Flemming Muus 
Page 15 Hotel d´Angleterre * Shellhuset * The Little Mermaid
Page 16 Aquavit
Start from a Parking lot here at Skodsborg Strandvej 224, DK-2942 Skodsborg (Source: Ron Wellings)
They must have paddled from Skodsborg to here in Sweden the direct line south of Hven. See the map page 8.
Page 17 Charcoal or firewood powered car
Page 18 DC3RAF Leuchars   
Page 19 Boundary Bay, British Columbia