Estruplund - A Memorial Stone to 6 British Airmen        På dansk       Updated:  22 JUN 2012

Newspaper cutting from Arne Mosgaard received on  17 June 2011 with this text:
"Cutting from an unknown newspaper, November 1945. Sent to Skarrild in connection with the plans to erect the RAF Memorial in the churchyard.

A Lancaster was hit and caught fire over the Kattegat, so it flew back towards the coast of Jutland in the hour after midnight. The plane just reached land
when it exploded in the crash near the beach between Ingerslev and Estruplund. All on board perished.

On 17 September, 3 weeks after the crash, the airmen were buried in Estruplund Churchyard. One member of the crew was buried in Frederikshavn."

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Estruplund Churchyard and about R. F. Dell buried in Frederikshavn Cemetery.

See also An Account from Estruplund by Kristian Boje Pedersen. The plane  LAN PB143 was on Operation 30 AUGUST 1944 - see routes and losses.

A Memorial Stone to 6 British Airmen   Randers, Thursday (Private)

At a moving ceremony in Estruplund Churchyard a memorial stone was unveiled to the 6 British airmen who crashed and perished in August 1944.

There was a large attendance to the memorial ceremony in the church, which was beautifully decorated with candles and flowers and the British and
the Danish flags. Rural Dean Asmund delivered a beautiful oration over the 6 airmen who were buried in Estruplund Churchyard and over the 7th who
had crashed into the water on the same occasion. Later he was washed ashore on Læsø and he was buried in Frederikshavn.

The 7 men gave their lives in the fight for Justice. First for the freedom of their own country and the freedom of other countries, but also in order that God's will
be done and that Right and Justice might prevail, the Rural Dean declared.

He delivered his speech first in Danish and then in English to representatives of the British Army. Then people gathered around the grave where the British flag
covered the Memorial Stone. Here Vicar Nielsen, Estruplund, in warm words commemorated the British airmen and then he unveiled the Memorial Stone.

It bears the names of the 6 airmen and the inscription They gave their lives for peace and freedom.

On behalf of his comrades an officer from the British Army offered thanks for the beautiful stone and stated that the parents of these sons could not wish for a
more beatiful resting place for them than this.