LAN ND960 - Memorial stone unveiled at Emtekær    På dansk       Updated:  02 AUG 2010

The newspaper Ejby og Omegns Folkeblad, Saturday 1 June 1946 about the memorial stone to the airmen from LAN ND960 received on 18 September 2009
from Svend Andersen:

Solemn unveiling of memorial stone at Emtekær. The English airmen fell also for the cause of Denmark.

In the night between 21 and 22 May 1944 an English plane crashed at Emtekær after having laid mines in the Belt. All on board, 7 men, were killed, when the plane
from a cause still unknown exploded in the air. The plane broke to pieces and debris was scattered over a large area, mainly farmer Anders Andersen’s field in Nakke.

Some time ago it was decided to erect a memorial to the perished airmen to bear witness of the accident for the times to come. To this aim a committee was
established with veterinary surgeon Duus-Hansen, Longen, farmer P. Th. Olsen, Rørmosegaard and farmer Ejler Bang, Hjorte Nymarksgaard. Tanderup Gymnastics
Club helped by collecting the money.

This year the memorial stone placed at the crossroads in Emtekær was unveiled. The unhewn stone has a conspicuous place in a beautiful little park and many
people came to be present at the unveiling.

Among the visitors were Count and Countess Wedellsborg, Captain Duus-Hansen, The Buffs, England and Police Sergeant Nissen, Assens, who did a great job to
identify the casualties.

The memorial stone was wrapped in a large Union Jack which at the start of the ceremony was taken away by three young girls dressed in white and with belts in the colours of the Royal Air Force. Then it was hoisted next to the Dannebrog.

Veterinary surgeon Duus-Hansen recalled the events in the night between 21 and 22 May 1944. Only three of the bodies were found, he said, and only two of them
could be identified. A military peaked cap with a name in ink found nearby was helpful in identifying the third perished crew member. For some time there was a hope
that the remaining crew members had been rescued, but it was not so. While all bared their heads he said “We Will Remember Them” and laid a big laurel wreath
with red-white bands. Finally Mr. Duus-Hansen thanked Zonens Redningskorps, the military, Tanderup Gymnastics Club, those who donated the ground for the stone
and all those who had played a part in erecting the stone. Then he transferred the stone to the Parish Council of Tanderup.

Chairman of the Parish Council M. J. Jørgensen, Emtekær, received the memorial on behalf of the parish and promised to guard it. He talked about the debt we owe
to the United Kingdom because the United Kingdom made it possible for us to hoist the Dannebrog in a free country today.

The crowd sang "Fight for all that you hold dear".

Captain Christensen, Kolding, offered thanks on behalf of the military. He had come with a detachment of 7th Regiment in Kolding to show the military honours.
The Captain thanked the perished airmen on behalf of Danish soldiers. They have given the ultimate sacrifice by giving their lives for their country and then for
Denmark, too.

This was the end of the simple but beautiful ceremony. A number of residents of the parish laid flowers at the foot of the stone and the participants gathered at a
common coffee table in the village hall which was so crowded that also the small room was used.

Here the Reverend Monrad Nielsen, Tanderup, welcomed the audience. Veterinary Surgeon Duus-Hansen told about illegal radio communication during the war, and Engineer, Captain in the English Army Duus-Hansen told about the organization of the illegal radio communication. Also farmer Ejler Bang spoke to commemorate
his late farmhand Jørgen Brandt who was the first to hurry to the airmen’s aid – and he was killed by a mine.

Everyone was now free to speak, and the Reverend Monrad Nielsen, Teacher Larsen and Dairy Manager Christiansen made addresses.   

(See photo of the memorial stone with inscription)