Lancaster III ND960 - At Nakke / Emtekær - Jørgen Brandt         På dansk          Updated:  19 SEP 2009

LAN ND960 crashed at Nakke / Emtekær. Jørgen Brandt was killed. See also Monument.

From  Vestfynske mindesmærker vedrørende Besættelsestiden 1940-1945 (Memorials in West Funen concerning the Occupation 1940-1945)
by Viggo Hansen, Assens to on 9 June 2009.

Cutting from the newspaper ASSENS SOCIAL-DEMOKRAT 22.5.1944:

Young man killed at the crash of a British bomber at Assens
The young man stepped up to the crash site and a mine exploded
The aeroplane blown to pieces

 Last night at 00:27 an air raid warning sounded in Assens. Shortly afterwards there were incoming flights from the belt, and heavy shooting from the air
was heard repeatedly. At 00:40 a fiery glow lit the sky and a powerful explosion was heard. Residents of the area realized that another aeroplane had

This air crash was on a narrow earth road, which in Nakke, 8-9 km north of Assens, connects Emtekær and Hjorte. The big 4-engined bomber fell 400 m
from the nearest houses, so it did not make the same horrible damage as in Gamtofte.

Unfortunately the air crash cost a young Dane his life. It was farm foreman Jørgen A. Brandt, 24, employee of farmer Ejler Bang, Hjorte Nymarksgård.
He was the only resident of the farm to walk out immediately after the crash. A mine exploded when the aeroplane hit the ground. Probably Jørgen Brandt
must have expected that there was no longer any danger of an explosion in connection with the burning aircraft. He stepped up to the crash site, but
then another mine exploded killing the young man on the spot. His body was found and identified during the night. The victim was the son of farmer Brandt,

There are still two undetonated magnetic mines near the crash site. The aircraft was blown to pieces and scattered over a very large area.

The crash site is in farmer Anders Andersen´s field, where the plane was burning all night. Windows, doors and gates of houses nearby have been
destroyed, particularly on Hjorte Nymarksgård and at farmer Martin Jørgensen´s and farmer Julius Jensen´s, but no houses were heavily damaged, and no
houses caught fire.