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FOLKETIDENDE Lolland Friday 8th May 2015 page 16 , by Peter Gade

Captions to the photos seen on the page in Danish (page 16):

102-year-old Aage Astrup welcomed local historian Ib Walbum from Archives of Local History in Rudbjerg to his home in Terndrup. (Photo: Peter Gade)

Aage Astrup is still living in his own home with a daily visit by a home help. (Photo: Peter Gade)

To their mutual joy, Aage Astrup and Ib Walbum, both interested in history, exchanged historical information about the time of the occupation. (Photo: Peter Gade)

Sensing the presence of history

FOLKETIDENDE joined local historian to Himmerland between Hobro and Aalborg in a search for new knowledge of the history of the time of the occupation

TERNDRUP, NORTH JUTLAND On West Lolland and environments it has become a well known fact that local historian Ib Walbum has gained a great knowledge
of World War II and the occupation of Denmark in general and particularly of crashed allied planes and airmen on Lolland.

For years Walbum has traced sources in Denmark, England, U.S.A. and Germany both oral and written sources -  that could throw light on events from that time.
It was impossible to follow what happened in the middle of a war. The press was subject to censorship.

What planes were involved? Where did they crash? Where were they heading? Who were on board? And what had subsequently happened to the crews that crashed?

Fortunately quite a number of these questions have been answered, because now it is very rare to meet people who remember these events themselves.

Because of that it was a great experience to Ib Walbum recently to learn that one of the eye witnesses was still going strong in North Jutland.

That is why FOLKETIDENDE joined the local historian when this week he went to Terndrup in North Jutland where the 102-year-old retired chief surgeon Aage Astrup
is still living in his own home. In 1944-46 he worked at Nakskov Hospital as an assistant surgeon, and he helped treating three wounded American airmen who had
been taken to the hospital.