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FOLKETIDENDE Lolland Friday 8th May 2015 the right part of page 17, by Peter Gade          

Liquidation created fear
Doctors at Nakskov Hospital felt seriously threatened by the Gestapo after a liquidation at Nakskov Railway Station

TERNDRUP I clearly remember a liquidation towards the end  of the war. A young girl had been injured at a liquidation that had taken place at Nakskov Railway Station. She was taken to Nakskov Hospital where I was to treat her.

Aage Astrup still has this recollection clearly present even if he does not have the exact date of the event.

The bullet in the girl’s leg was not a big problem. It was quickly removed, and I think that she could be discharged right away.

But the liquidation worried us at the hospital, because we knew that liquidations of that kind were immediately avenged by clearing murders.

And they often hit doctors at hospitals where members of the resistance movement were treated. Doctors had been killed in both Vejle, Odense, and Copenhagen.

That is why the two chief surgeons, MacDougall and Aage Astrup, met for a discussion of what they were to do. They agreed that they could not just go underground, as they were the only surgeons in Lolland, while Maribo Hospital only offered medical treatment.

We agreed to keep up our work, Aage Astrup states.

I promised to stay and take care of Nakskov Hospital if he was shot, and on the other hand he promised to help my wife and child if it was the other way round.

As it appears from the edition of ”Lolland-Falsters Socialdemokrat” of 2 May 1945, the liquidation took place on 1 May, shortly before the liberation. There was no subsequent clearing murder.

Shot down at Nakskov Railway Station
Fifteen-year-old girl injured by stray bullet

Yesterday afternoon at about 02.30 a shooting took place at Nakskov Railway Station.

Blacksmith Aksel Knak Nielsen, Bredgade, Nakskov, was standing with his wife and children on the platform and was just about to enter the train, when a man jumped out and fired a shot which hit Nielsen in his heart.

Another shot hit fifteen-year-old Ketty Nielsen, the daughter of dairyman Nielsen of Aunede Dairy. She had been to school and was to go by train to the station in Aunede. The bullet hit one of her legs, but she was not seriously injured and will soon be discharged from the hospital.

Knak Nielsen was taken to hospital in a Falck ambulance, but he died on the way.

Even if there were many people on the platform and on the train nobody has seen or recognized the man who shot, and he disappeared in the confusion following the shots.