Beretning fra - Account from Tage Bitsch Johansen Scan from Knud Gaarn-Larsen, UGE-AVISEN KARUP 22 NOV 2012

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Google Map p114 Lancaster R5679 - zoom ud for at se "Hedegaard" omkring 6 km syd for Grønhøj. Zoom out to see "Hedegaard" south of Grønhøj.

Published in the KARUP WEEKLY on 21 NOV 2012:
      Extracts from my memories of World War II related to earlier accounts
Translated by AS                                                               By Tage Bitsch Johansen, born in 1933 on "Hedegaard" Frederiks Vestermarksvej 5.

After having read accounts in the KARUP WEEKLY about the shootdown of a plane in Grønhøj on 25 September 1942, I recalled the many experiences we had of
British planes that flew high and low over the area where we lived. Once a British plane dropped weapons for the resistance. Unfortunately the parachute with weapons
landed on the roof of our farmhouse. Dad told us that real boys didn't tell anybody what we had heard and seen.

Since the shootdown in Grønhøj late one night we have talked a lot about it in our family. I remember that there was a lot of noise of planes in a number of directions
that night. The air raid warning sounded from the German airfield in Karup. First there was the air raid warning for remote areas and a little later the air raid warning for
the local area, and then we were alert. My brothers and I had a room in the loft under roofing felt on boards which was highly. Sometimes the roof was hit by red hot pieces of grenades. That is why we took refuge under the concrete ceiling. From here we could follow what happened on land and in the air.

Suddenly there was an aerial battle between two planes very near above our home "Hedegaard". My brothers Henning and Svend, our father Karl Marinus Johansen (Almind) and I followed the aerial battle at very close range. The red hot grenades flew in searchlight between the two planes which we could watch since they were
fully lit up. The end of the battle was that one of the planes had the bad luck to be hit so it burst into flames. There was a huge explosion. It looked like a blaze, so
near to us that we heard the fluttering of the flames when the plane headed for Grønhøj at full speed. Later we were told that a British plane had been hit.